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iridology camera factory (1)Hello,every body,thank you to viste our website. if you have any question about the iridology camera,please mail or message to us. we will reply ASAP.


MK Beauty Equipment Co.,Ltd (dolma scientific-tech limited and 2014 Inernation iridology health association). established in 1994 in Taiwan, and started the market research and plan in China in 2000.The company officially entered China market in 2001 by registering MK Beauty Equipment Co.,Ltd in DongGuan City Canton Province. The company is a high technology enterprise which unifies R&D and, manufacture sales for medical treatment equipment,beauty care equipment, digital photography, software into one system.

MK is our privately registered trade name. MK Co.Ltd. is a leading professional manufacturer/exporter, possesses 10- year experience in developing & supplying a series of Video Microscopes (Video Camera).

Our Products: Iriscope, Iridology camera, Iris camera, Iridology software, and Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, beauty equipment including Skin Scope, Skin Anaylsis, Skin Analyzer, Hair Scope, Hair Analysis/Analyzer, Microscope and medical treatment equipment including Dental Intraoral Cameras, Teeth whitening light/lamp, Dental Equipment…etc,


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