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DM882A iridology camera for TV 1.3MP

B_DM882A iriscope for TV

Product name: iris instrument 882A for TV 1.3MP
Product model: DM882A
Pixel: 1.3 million pixels
Product weight: 2500 g
Appearance: green handles
Product price:
System requirements
CPU Intel 32-bit celeron 2.0 GHz or AMD CPU above at the same level
Memory 512 MB of memory
After hard disk more than 500 MB of space available, consider data storage requirements, preferably with 5 gb of free space
Graphics card more than 64 MB of memory
Display 17 inch above the display
Operating system ideal operating system for Windows XP compatibility strong, followed by WIN2000, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 operating system
The instrument features
TV type iris instrument
Adopt imported 1.3 million pixels CMOS sensor
The professional digital high-definition image processing chips
The lens using LED full spectrum natural light and composition coating lenses
Automatic white balance, automatic filling light, color temperature filter
With a single bond micro control, digital frame function
Accurately and quickly show the potential change (iris) image
The operation is simple and quick


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