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DM888U iridology camera for PC and window XP

B_DM888U irisocpe for pc

Name:iridology camera for window xp .048MP

Model:DM888u iridology camera

Main Functions and Features:

      a. Nice appearance and good-looking design

   b. Cold light illuminator around camera

   c. Imported lens with plating layer

   d. Imported CMOS sensor with 0.48 Mega pixels

   e. Special DSP image manipulation lens

   f. Control light of 8 mm camera to turn on or not.

   g. Show the changes of video quickly, clearly and accurately.

   h. Able to save, print reports of customers’ information

   i. Easy to operate and time-saving.

Rated Voltage:  DC5V 500MA

Color:   white

Specification (length*width*height mm):



          Paper Box:220*153*73

Net Weight (g):

                    Handle: 147.60

          8MMCamera: 29.00

          Paper Box: 103.00

          Illustration of Iridology:  204.00

          Other Assessory: 74.20

Net weight of machine (g):   557.80


1. Handle(Pause Button)


3. Paper Box

4. Camera protective cover

Package Assessory

Illustration of Iridology

Compare Chart of Twelve Iris Symptoms

Warranty card

CD(Driver and Software)

Take Attention:

Driver number:DM004

Illustration of Iridology

8MMinstrument Camera

Operating Instruction

Driver and Software CD

A. We suggest you use the video software in Windows XP, and the screen resolution should be 1024*768 pixels.

B. Uninstall the other digital camera driver before installing the iris driver.

C. Any incorrect installments that disobey the operation instruction lead the damage of instrument are out of compensate.


: Before using instrument, the user must clean the surface of camera with alcohol; anybody who has eye disease or skin disease takes caution please.

     Any patient needs it under special situation, please follow doctor’s direction.

 DM888U IRISCOPE took pic RIGHT DM888U took pic left


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