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iriscope DM888U2 iridology camera for pc window xp 0.48MP

B_DM888U2 iriscope for pc

DM888U2     USB 2.0 Iriscope for PC (Window 2000/xp/Vista,window 7,32 bit CPU )

Standard Component

1. Main body   Joint for USB line ) ,Iris lens dustproof- box , Alternative lights

2.handset CMOS light alternative,   picture size 640 x 480

3.Iris lens 30X

4.USB lines

5.Instruction Warranty (Chinese and English edition)

6.Portable mini-aluminum box

7. A set of Iris analysis program

8.iris lens lid


1.adjust brightness automatically , delete the photos ,adjust the focus ,quick fixed photos with white balance .high stability of color. Connect with computer directly without outside power and easy to operate.

2. the software can save and correct the client information and details of products ,after take photos ,you can analysis the iris picture and compare the picture .can print the analysis report

( adjust the focus to 1-3X ) ,save the photos according to the time you take photos

This machine will help the client know his health condition frankly ,including the problem which you have get in the former ,now and future .and the Iridology will be your health counselor, tell you how to keep away from the illness and sub-health.

Accessories : a basic iridology book .one piece of iris studying VCD ,iris chart ,12 basic iris symptom chart (All in Chinese version.)

This one is more suit for the people who has a laptap it just connect with computer through the USB and doesn’t need the outside power.

Net weight :2.3kg

Spec : 33×28.5×11.5 cm

DM888U took pic left DM888U IRISCOPE took pic RIGHT

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iridology camera for PC

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